We invite you to come to Family Life several times to see and experience the difference our church can make in your life.  If Family Life Church seems like the place for you or you would like additional information about our church, we encourage you to attend the Growth Track. The Track will teach you step-by-step what we believe and what our values are. The classes are held at our Lynchburg Campus every Sunday immediately following our worship service and Sunday at 11:15 am at our Roanoke Campus. The classes will also introduce you to various ministries of Family Life, as well as a brief tour of our facilities.



   These Classes Include:

  • Membership 101 - Introduces you to Family Life Church and helps you to understand church membership.
  • Essentials 201 - This class teaches what every Christian needs to have in order to live a successful Christian life. 
  • Discovery 301 - Helps you to discover your own uniqueness and ministry gifts that God has given to you. 
  • Dream Team 401 - This is the orientation of the ministry of your choice.